How stuff works diet soda

By | April 19, 2021

how stuff works diet soda

There are plenty of myths and rumors surrounding diet soda. It seems like the perfect solution: Get the sugary taste of soda without the unwanted liquid calories. However, as food scientists begin to examine how the artificial sweeteners affect our bodies, they are finding some interesting, and not completely positive results. But unlike its sugary counterparts, including Coke, Pepsi and plenty of others, the research done on artificially sweetened drinks is new and far from conclusive. Whereas the American Heart Association linked more than , deaths around the world to sugary drinks [ American Heart Association ], experts are often hesitant to condemn diet drinks with the current body of research. So what do we know about diet soda? Enough to make us skeptical. Though many of the studies conducted have been based on survey and self-reported information, and often find associations as opposed to cause-and-effect results, there is little stating any real benefit to drinking soda — no matter if it contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Diet Coke has been a consumer favorite since its introduction in , launched after a lengthy period of product development. The product was an instant success, a testament to Coca-Cola’s attention to detail when developing both the product itself and the marketing campaign that unleashed it. Despite its ubiquity in the marketplace, how much do those who drink it really know about the diet soda? Read on to discover the untold truth of Diet Coke. Coca-Cola took its sweet time entering the diet soda market, with a company history of the product revealing the idea for a sugar-free version of Coke had been “percolating” for two decades. During the s, health-conscious consumers began eschewing sugar. While this hurt sales of traditional soda, it was simultaneously creating a whole new market for sodas that could offer all the flavor and none of the sugar. While the development of Diet Coke was a key priority for Coca-Cola, very few people within the company actually knew about the top-secret endeavor. Market forces drove the development of Diet Coke as the company attempted to reach a “core demographic” identified as baby boomers who, as they became older and heavier, were ready to try a Coke alternative that wouldn’t contribute as much to their expanding waistlines. While the two products are similar, anyone who’s ever done a taste test of the two can attest that Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar do exhibit markedly different tastes.

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