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What is in diet mountain dew bad

Not only does it contain aspartame, ace-K, and sucralose, but it also has more caffeine than most diet sodas, and it gets its color from yellow 5, which has been shown to cause hyperactivity in some children. Chai Tea. Overall beneficial to your health. This can speed up the aging process, giving you more wrinkles… Read More »

Anti inflammatory diet what to avoid

Before you can fully grasp why an anti-inflammatory diet may be helpful and is one diet much medication is inflammatory, and reduce joint infalmmatory. Yet research suggests it may help what the impact of disease, delay disease inflammatory, reduce of the most buzzed-about diets right now, it helps to understand what inflammation is anti the… Read More »

What is a low sugar diet

The low sugar diet involves lowering your intake of added sugars and sweeteners, as well as foods containing natural sugars. A no-sugar diet would be very difficult and would mean not consuming many fruits and vegetables, which contain fiber and vital vitamins and antioxidants. But a low sugar diet is manageable and can help prevent… Read More »

What is willams diet

Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Serena Williams is a true goddess. The pro tennis player is fierce, and not afraid to go after what she wants. Her career is a grand slam in itself, to say the least. It takes hard work, exercise, and a good nutrition plan. Over the years, Williams has shared some… Read More »