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Sushi on slow carb diet

Looking up across the table, I could see utensils paused halfway between plates and mouths as their holders stared at me, jaws agape. I was home in America for the holidays and I could tell that I had yet again hit the edge of our shared understanding of the world. Truth be told, it was… Read More »

Dessert ideas for low carb diets

Good news, everyone! There are occasions when you might want to indulge in something special without getting a sugar rush and feeling bloated. Guide Sometimes it can be confusing to make the right choices when it comes to fruits and berries. Most berries are fine in moderate amounts but you need to be careful with… Read More »

Herb butter recipe low carb diets

Perhaps the rosemary and lemon would be fabulous on a lamb steak and garlic and chives on some vegetable kebabs. Only keto. Do you like this recipe? Spoon the butter on a piece of parchment paper. Total Time: 10 minutes. Wrap and roll to create a log shape. Lime and lemon don’t always complement the… Read More »

Low carb diet bone pain

Keto diets have been shown to provide a number of health benefits, including helping people lose weight, control blood sugar, and reduce heart disease risk factors. But could following a keto way of eating be bad for your bones? A recently published study seems to hint that it might. Frontiers in Endocrinology: A short-term ketogenic… Read More »